Why I think studying Media is important

I think it is important to study media because it is a big part in every person’s life across the whole world. It also connects individuals together in many forms such as books, magazines newspapers etc. Another way Media has brought together people of the world is through the internet, via Facebook, twitter and other social media sites. 1 in 8 married couples in the United States met online through social media, and it’s no surprise when there are over 800 million people registered on Facebook, and on average around 136.6 million Tweets a day. Social media has overtaken pornography as the number one web activity. The internet isn’t just a place for meeting people, it’s also plays a big part in employment. 80% of companies who are looking for workers use linkedin.com as a recruitment tool. Newspapers and posters also help people find jobs; again they are forms of media.

Not only is media a way of socialising and finding work, it’s a major source of stories and entertainment. Hardly anyone would know about what is happening in the world if it wasn’t broadcasted through some form of media, whether it is the news on the television, in the papers, on the radio or even sent through to a phone in texts.

Media can be used in so many different forms to influence a vast array of individuals and their wants and needs, and this is valid even for people of a young age. “By the time they arrive in school, almost all children will have experienced several years of television and probably other media as well, such as radio, films on video and picture books. They will probably know what newspapers and magazines are, even if they can’t read them. (Bazalgette: 1991: 49).”

Media is any medium which communicates a message from a source to a receiver. That could be anything; a billboard, video game, music, films etc. There is no limit and it is always growing. Media industries are becoming more and more complex and diverse.

It’s also expanding financially, for every £1 you put in, you will make £2. It’s also said media has changed the way society thinks, and that in some way it controls our attitude and behaviour by reacting to a particular piece of media text a certain way.

People claim that it is so influencing, a person who has watched a violent film or played violent game can carry out a murder. Take Allan Menzies for example. A 22 year old man who watched a violent vampire film around 100 times, which led him to believe that if he killed his friend he would be rewarded in the afterlife.

Media surrounds us and there is no escaping it. I think I will have a future in media as it is something that will last forever. There will always be advertising, the internet, books, radio, television and film. There will always be a career to pursue in the many different aspects of media.







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