Visual Design

First of all I learnt how to order the tags to make a readable webpage. This was hard as I have no idea how to use Dreamweaver or Photoshop. I have decided to make my website about the Black Swan arts centre in Frome. This is because I made a leaflet about it in a previous brief so I have the images and designs already there for me to use. I know I have to put them into photoshop, cut them up, then turn them into div tags in dreamweaver. My website will be set out in a classic and simplistic way, and it will have 5 different other links you can click on.

To practice making my website, I used an image on photoshop of a website. I cut them up and had to take note of the pixels so the site would look symmetrical and even.

After I done this and made the tags all link up to each other I had a vague idea on how i would construct my website.

First of all I made the grids on a blank Photoshop document for my homepage logo, links on the left hand side and the main middle area. I then imported an image of the “Black Swan” title for the homepage. I then took the picture of the black swan that I edited myself in Photoshop a while ago. I took a swan off Google images and played around with the exposure and contrast. This was for my leaflet I made before. I put this underneath the title and this will be the link that goes through to the main homepage.

Next I chose a text that was similar to the Black Swan text I have in my title, and I made 5 links that will go on to other pages of the website. I chose to do ones similar to my leaflet so I can base my website on the leaflet. I centred it so it seemed more organised and presentable. I left the text black to match with the black swan.

I then got a transparent image of the Art Centre building and changed the transparency so it was just a nice backround for my website. I made the image fit in the ruler lines.



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